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teach-your-kids-about-moneyHow to teach your kids  About Money

“We begin to imprint our childrens prosperity programs from the day they are born” – Ellen Rogin (TEDx Talks)

Most of us try to teach our kids about being smart with money maybe through allowance & helping them save. You are doing the right thing because these financial lessons are necessary but what we are missing is – The opportunity to truly cultivate those skills to help kids have a healthy relationship with money. Continue reading


Teach Your Kids About Money

teacher and kid

A teacher’s day starts with the alarm chiming early in the morning. She shuts it down so that it does not jostle other family members fast asleep beneath warm comforters. She has a lot to accomplish before getting ready for school – it begins with collecting the newspaper and milk from the doorstep, making breakfast and lunch for the entire family and scrubbing the kitchen platform clean before gulping down some coffee and cold breakfast. Continue reading

teacher and kid

Peekaboo with Teacher

technology teacher and taught

I believe that we teachers live in the most exciting of times EVER. From lesson plans to content and the way we transact the same in the classroom can be different for every section and for every class that we teach. My teachers however had to depend on a few books and their notes which were handed down from generation to generation. Continue reading

technology teacher and taught

Teacher, Technology and the Taught

10 Major Events in 2014

Its been a great year for School of India. Here's some glimpses of major events in 2014. Special thanks to all School of India Teachers, Support staff, Students and Parents for their contributions to achieve our vision of creating tomorrow's global citizens with Indian values.
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The first investiture ceremony of School Of India for the session 2014-15 was held on 4.07.2014. Many dignitaries from the School Management graced the occasion. The newly appointed leaders had turned out immaculately dressed in their school uniform. The proud parents had tears of joy in their eyes when they saw their children receiving flags and badges on the stage. School Of India now has a 22 member student council. The young leaders promised to discharge their duties to the best of their abilities and take their alma mater to greater heights of excellence.


The students of School of India planted a variety of saplings to foster the spirit of oneness and express their gratitude towards mother nature.
Trees have long served humanity in one form or the other. On the other hand humans have only threatened their very existence. Now it is our turn to reverse the damage that we have caused and restore the balance between nature and man; and the first step towards this change is to plant trees. So let us all welcome the monsoons by planting a tree during Van Mahostava and nurturing the ones that are already standing tall. The history of the Van Mahostava plantation drive, which is purely an Indian festival for Nature, goes back to the time of Independence of our nation. The first such festival took place even before its formal announcement and a flourishing tree plantation drive was undertaken in Delhi in July 1947. Leaders like Dr.Rajendra Prasad and Jawaharlal Nehru had participated in that festival. The festival was simultaneously celebrated in a number of states in India. Since then, thousands of saplings of diverse species are planted with enthusiastic participation of the locals and various agencies like the Forest department.
The first week of July gives us the opportunity to fulfil our duty towards the environment and trees, on which all of us and our coming generation depends. In the words of John Milton, “Accuse not nature, it hath done her part, do thou but thine”.
Over the years, the saplings will be nurtured to grow into beautiful trees in our campus, just like the students who planted them today will be nurtured to grow into responsible and loving citizens of our Motherland.


Students of class I to VI were taken for a field trip by the school to the Nehru Planetarium on 23.09.2014. It was an informative & enjoyable experience forthem


Proud Parents’ Day was celebrated for the parents of kindergarten children on Saturday 20.09.2014. All the parents enjoyed the function.They were proud to see their wards performing beautifully. They participated very enthusiastically in the parent-child activity and the number game.


School Of India joined the nation in celebrating Independence Day on 15th Aug 2014. The children escorted the chief guest Mr. Mansoor Khan with the guard of honour to hoist the National flag. The National Anthem reverberated melodiously in the air and concluded with a loud and confident JAI HIND. The Headmistress spoke about India being a giver to the world and not a taker. She  stressed on the concept of unity in diversity which is the need of the hour.  She also promised that School Of India would go a long way in making the country proud by nurturing worthy citizens in the institution.



School Of India celebrated Kannada Rajyostava with full colour & vigour. Children presented a Kannada song, a skit and a dance on the occasion . The Headmistress spoke about the beauty of the Kannada culture.


The children of School Of India were lucky to see a Magic show by Magician Prashant. Children thrilled to see the green objects coming out of his hat. The best item was the disappearing umbrella!


The headmistress wished the children ‘A very happy and fun filled Children’s Day’. She mentioned that it is our duty to provide children a safe & secure childhood so that they grow up to be emotionally balanced human beings. School of India is committed to the happiness and well-being of all the students of the school.


School of India celebrated the First Annual Sports Meet on 18.12.2014. The children participated with great zest & vigour. The Management has promised a state of the art sports area for the children of School Of India. The parents were thrilled to see the spectacular show by the little ones.


School Of India added a new feather on the infrastructural cap in the form of a brand new Math Lab on 23.12.2014. we were honoured to have Grandmaster Vishwanathan Anand to inaugurate the same. Our children had the proud privilege to play a round of rapid chess with the Grandmaster himself. Parents, teachers and students got an opportunity to take photographs with the celebrity.

Thank You

Watch out for a bigger and better School of India 2015. Keep supporting us.

School of India 2014 Lookback

Indian Education System

The Indian Education System is definitely a highly developed system that offers a plethora of avenues for students to pursue their preferred creative and intellectual courses. However, like with most other education formats, this system too has a mixture of loopholes. There are still various parts of the country where the quality and standards of education are absolutely abysmal. There are also a series of other inconsistencies of the education system. Continue reading

Indian Education System

Indian Education System Needs a Reboot for Future

Student Motivation

Every student has hope attached to him/her. There are many teachers who strongly feel that their students should learn and have high ambitions. But with the growing pressures of school, highly indulging technology culture and busy lifestyle, it is a little difficult to keep students interested in school or at home. Continue reading

Student Motivation

How to Motivate Students – 5 Simple Ideas