Music at SOI
Music is the art of combining vocal and instrumental sounds in harmonious and expressive ways. World Music Day, also known as Fete de la Musique was a music festival, which beganin France in 1982. French Minister of Culture Jack Lang conceived the idea in 1981. Since then the day has been celebrated every year as the World Music Day.

We at School Of India celebrated the World Music Day on 14th June. We believe Music unites. As our School Anthem professes ‘We stand as One, we act as One’, our children sang the popular tune ‘Lean on Me, when you need a friend, call me’.

Music forms an integral part of our school curriculum, focussing on all-round development of children. The day starts with the entire school singing together in the Morning Assembly.

Our students are given opportunities to perform at Inter-House competitions, Indian and International cultural festivals, School Annual Day, Sports Day, Investiture Ceremony, Special Assemblies, Diwali, Christmas and all special occasions.


The students take part in various inter-school events and win several laurels for the school.

Through these activities, students learn and enhance their skills of teamwork, discipline and commitment. They understand the value of sustained efforts to achieve excellence and personally experience concrete rewards of their hard work.

Children develop coordination by singing and keeping rhythm. Counting sequences strengthens their mathematical skill. They learn team spirit. With the whole class singing together, even the loner or special child is helped, as they feel one with the class and school community.

Children at School Of India obtain maximum advantage of music and derive its long-term benefits through a regular music curriculum.


Music at SOI

Music at School Of India