technology and meThe year 1996, the place Bangalore city, the person me, the object-our first computer and desktop. My kids were jumping with excitement and my husband the IT genius was assembling the device. As for me, I pretended to busy with my household chores, while I was actually anxious.

My anxiety soon turned into fear as my children aged 4 and 5 were playing games the very same day.They invited me to join them, but I was scared. How could, I the adult not be able to do something , the kids seemed to work on as pros. I accepted the offer and sat down at the console, my fingers on the mouse and lo behold !!!!!! The cursor ran all over the screen and disappeared, no amount of cajoling would bring it back . My kids sensed my utter helplessness and saved me the ordeal.

I decided , I had get a grip on that silly mouse and my life . It was now or never. The very next day with husband at work and the kids at school , I sat down to discover this mystery box called computer that only people with logical minds were supposed to excel at. As I struggled and eventually managed to tame the mouse, I started to marvel at the the things this ‘thing’ could do . I lost count of the hours spent only to realize that it was almost 2.00pm and it was time to pick the kids up . AsI tried to close the system, I realised that like Abhimanyu , of the Mahabharata, I had learnt how to enter the CHakravyuh but not to exit….I had no idea how to Shut the system down . I tried all that I had learnt in the last few hours, but to no avail. I left the system as it was and went to bring the children home. On returning home my son all of 4 years , ran to the system and just clicked the mouse and hey Presto ! the system SHUT Down.My little PC Sarkar had done the trick !

The year 2014, the place Bangalore, the person me, the objects my smart phone, my tablet, my laptop and my SMART TV …I am forever networked, the world is at my finger tips. I am not an IT expert…I never will be, but I am glad that I am always curious to know and always eager to explore.

Thank you Technology for turning me into a life long learner -teacher !!!!

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– This Guest Post has been written by Manju Balasubramanyam, DPS North Bangalore Principal

technology and me

Technology and me … and the learning continuum