Student Motivation

Every student has hope attached to him/her. There are many teachers who strongly feel that their students should learn and have high ambitions. But with the growing pressures of school, highly indulging technology culture and busy lifestyle, it is a little difficult to keep students interested in school or at home.

But there are some simple things that teachers can do to motivate students which have worked wonders.

Plan to innovate

Plan each class in a different manner. Innovative measures to convey your subject matter will always keep your students motivated to learn more and be excited about what is coming next. This curiosity is one of the greatest attributes of a student and if you’re able to stimulate that, you will have a bunch of highly motivated students who’re willing to take what you offer.

Set examples

Screening of movies with a motivational protagonist or reading biographies or books related to successful people in the world, taking examples of high achieving seniors is one of the best ways to motivate students. Every child has a role model. If you help them choose an inspiring role model and keep providing new examples, your students would discover motivation for themselves.

Explore the unique

Every student has his/her specific likes and dislikes. Based on every child’s interest, give them an independent or a group project to explore something regarding what they like. Ask them to come up with a presentation and tell everyone what they found. Knowing they are the only ones to have this information, they would be highly excited and motivated to share it with their peers.

Give them control

Hand over certain responsibility to your students in the classroom as well as their day today life. You can assign a new student every day to take the class attendance or to handover and collect notebooks or to write the date and name of the subject of the board and you can keep rotating these responsibility to keep them involved with their own class.

Sometimes it is good to know let them decide what they want to do. Put the topic in front of them and ask them to give you ideas in which they can do their homework with a new method.

Motivation outside of classroom

Students need motivation not only in school, but outside of school too. Give them various personal tasks to keep them interested in various things. Ask them to help their parents cook at home and come and share the experience with their class. They can also be asked to give a short speech about the news item they like which they’ve seen on the television or read in the newspaper. You can ask them to plant a seed in their house and give a regular update about it to the class. The children can accompany their parents to their workplace to understand the process and share experiences with other children.

Thus, children will be motivated in all spheres of life and not just at school.

Above all, if teachers and parents themselves are motivated to enhance the lives of students, it is not a challenging task to make the students feel the same way.

Student Motivation

How to Motivate Students – 5 Simple Ideas