The second most important decision you will make as a parent — apart from deciding to have the kid in the first place — is deciding which school for them to enroll in. Make the right decision and you could put them on a path toward lifelong learning, a prestigious college education and a successful career. Choose wrong, and well, you know. Talk about pressure.
Children vary in so many ways! Your child is like no other, yet possess so many qualities in common with others. Like a star that twinkles a little differently with each view, your child may seem to be many different people combined into one. Through the still unknown recipe of genes and upbringing, your child is a unique concoction of capabilities, wants, needs and motives.
Indeed, children’s bodies, minds, emotions and spirits combine to make unique individuals. This mix affects the kind of environment in which each child learns best. As a parent, you probably have some sense of this. But many of us feel at a loss to understand and respond to our own children’s capabilities, needs and personalities, even in our daily parenting, much less for school.
The burning question for you now is this: which qualities, in their unique combination within your child, really matter for choosing a school? Which of your child’s features will help her learn and feel better in some schools – with certain teachers, peers, materials, and expected ways of learning – and worse in others? Which of your child’s strengths and weaknesses can be addressed at school, and which can be developed at home? When your child’s and family’s needs fit well with what your child’s school offers, we call it a “Great Fit.”
There are 4 factors which parents should keep in mind before choosing the apt school for their child.

1. What Your Child Learns: These are aspects of your child that affect what subjects and at what level of difficulty your child should be taught at school. These include your child’s Basic Learning Capability, other capabilities, and interests.

2. How Your Child Learns: These are aspects of your child that affect how a school should teach and interact with your child both in and outside of the classroom. These include your child’s learning styles, motivation, physical and mental health challenges, behavior challenges, learning disabilities and disorders, and self-understanding.

3. Social Issues: This includes the need for social contact with particular friends from the child’s perspective.

4. Practical Matters: This includes essential extracurricular activities that may be compelling choice factors for some children.

Not every factor characteristic is important for matching every child to the right school. You’ll need to decide which ones are really important for your child. Most children will have only a small number of characteristics that are top priorities for selecting a school. Identify these, and you can focus on finding a truly Great Fit school for your child’s top needs.

Signs that a school setting fits your child include these:
> Your child is eager to go to school.
> Your child acts energized and happy at the end of the school day.
> The pace of learning in core subjects is, overall, about right for your child: challenging but achievable.
> You see tremendous progress in your child’s overall development – academic, physical, social and emotional – throughout each school year.
> Your child feels that her abilities and interests are appreciated at school.
> Your child is achieving and performing academically at the level of which he is capable.
> Your child has friends and acquaintances who like and accept him at school.
> School work and friends are important, but not all-consuming, parts of your child’s life.

If a school setting is a poor fit for your child, you might see some of these signs:
> Well into the school year, your child is hesitant, or even adamantly opposed to going to school.
> Your child is not just tired, but worn down and unhappy at the end of most school days.
> Your child has made little progress in the past year, either academically, socially, emotionally or physically.
> Your child often says “school is boring.”
> Your child is not performing as well academically as you think he can.
> Your child expresses little interest in what she’s learning at school.
>Your child often says that teachers or other kids do not understand her or do not like her.
> Your child doesn’t seem to have any close friends or friendly acquaintances at school.
> Your child shows symptoms of stress only when school’s in session.

Now, Why We Think That ‘School Of India’ Will Be A Great Fit For Your Child?

Because your child deserves the best. A school which is Indian at heart and International by vision & approach.
‘School of India’ functions under the support of the KK Educational and Charitable Trust, spearheaded by new-age thinking educationists who believe in celebrating India, celebrating your child, instilling a sense of pride about the country and most importantly building a foundation so that your child develops into a model human being. At ‘School of India’, we focus on each child individually and a conscious effort is made towards understanding each child’s talents and creating constructive learning environments. The objective at SOI is to facilitate all students to reach their highest potential, as we believe it is the most valuable investment we can make towards securing the future of our country.

The School of India believes in raising its children to be tolerant, responsible citizens, who celebrate the diversity of cultures in India and aim to better our country. We want to provide our students with a quality education that competes with international benchmarks, with an Indian focus. Our integrated approach has facilitated the evolution of young children into ‘Active citizens’. Students are encouraged to believe that they are the catalysts of change.

Our focus is on encouraging students to trust their own opinion while fostering confidence so that they realize and live to their full potential.

Our Mission

To create an autonomous education board that emerges as the ‘thought leader’ in the education space. To build a robust teachers training system and make them active partners in shaping the future of the school. To impart a superior quality education that is holistic and innovative. To design spaces that are sensitive to the needs of the child and the environment.

Teaching Philosophy

While learning about what is happening around the world, we many a times forget to learn things about our own country. At ‘SCHOOL OF INDIA’ our teachings are inspired by the rich legacy of India. An India that has been instrumental in shaping the modern world as we see it today. We celebrate everything Indian and instill a sense of pride about the country in your child.

This is what one of our students expressed:
“I am excited to come to school everyday and look forward to all the fun activities and celebrations. Our teachers are the role-models who demonstrate being respectful, responsible and sensitive. I feel confident in academics and can think independently, which I attribute to the teachers of School of India who are very knowledgeable and helpful. The infrastructure, smart class, sports amenities, labs and the ambiance of my school makes me feel comfortable and proud. I get a chance to participate enthusiastically in all the activities happening in school.”
– Tejas SOI Student-Class VI

This is what one of the parents said:
“I am extremely happy about my child’s school – School of India and the way the teaching and non-teaching staff interact with us. I see that they are highly committed and do what they say. SOI stands out in children’s discipline which is imbibed at school. I am impressed with the array of activities lined up for children. The infrastructure includes all the modern equipment’s and technological aids that help to retain the interests of children and engage them in an enjoyable learning model. We are Indians and we want our children to be proud Indians too, who will spread the message of Being Indian in the world. The curriculum at SOI is extensive that promotes pride in our rich cultural heritage.”
– Mr Biju Benjamin SOI Parent – Aniya (class III)

Thanks for reading this blog, and we hope that you make the right decision for your child’s happiness.

Encourage & support your kids because children are apt to live up to what you believe of them.” ~ Lady Bird Johnson

How Do You Decide A School For Your Child