Encouraging Creativity In Children

Do you know that encouraging creativity in children can help their mental development? Teaching your child the alphabets, numbers and basic manners might not be all that you can do for your child’s development. A good parent needs to work on a child’s both mental as physical growth.

You might be wondering how creativity can be crucial for mental development. Let us take a look.

Importance of Encouraging Creativity in Children

Research has shown that it is through a child’s creative sense that one can make out the level of mental development. So, if your child has a creative flair then he or she might have an average or above average mental development rate.

If your child does not show any signs of creativity it might be because of your parenting. You are responsible for encouraging creativity in your child. By encouraging your child to be creative you can improve their social skills, problem solving skills, ability to stabilize emotions and ability to think outside the box. A creative child can also be a happy child. The manifold benefits of creativity are why you need to focus on it before methodical education.

How to encourage creativity?

Now that you know that it is important for your child to be creative, you need to find ways of helping your child blossom. You do not have to force the stereotypical arts onto your child in an effort to make them creative. Here are a few tips that can help you be creative in encouraging creativity:

  • Most children enjoy songs; this is why we see that nursery rhymes are in sing-song forms. When you are teaching your child try to sing it to them. There already are some rhymes which incorporate the alphabets as well as good habits. You can encourage your child to sing along with you.
  • Dancing is another activity that most children enjoy. Just put on a song and dance away to glory with your child. You can afford to have two left feet so long as your child enjoys the activity.
  • Art and crafts can be made more fun by using more interesting art supplies. Pay a little extra to get the crayons that are shaped like animals or the glittery sketch pens. The flashier the supply the more fun your child will have with it.
  • Reading and storytelling are two of the most crucial habits that you can incorporate in your child. If your child is too young you can simply read the books to them. For older children you can ask them to read to you. You can even start off a story and ask your child to complete it using their imagination. This allows your child to think outside the box.
  • But to allow your child to really think outside the box you need to give them a taste of the outside world. Do not keep your child locked up in the safety of your home. Take your child to the playground, the park, the zoo and even places like museums.

These are merely a few ways by which you can encourage your child to be creative. But you cannot instill creativity in your child if you are not creative with your methods. So go ahead and be creative with your parenting.

Do you find this information useful? Share your inputs, we would like to hear from you. At School of India we encourage creativity in children for overall development. Enquiries are open for 2015 batch.

Encouraging Creativity In Children

Encouraging Creativity In Children To Help Bring The Best In Your Kids