Indian Education System

The Indian Education System is definitely a highly developed system that offers a plethora of avenues for students to pursue their preferred creative and intellectual courses. However, like with most other education formats, this system too has a mixture of loopholes. There are still various parts of the country where the quality and standards of education are absolutely abysmal. There are also a series of other inconsistencies of the education system. Due to such hiccups, students fail to secure their desired jobs even after scoring great marks in their academics. The schools, colleges and Universities have been reduced to mere examining bodies. Thus, it is pretty evident that our country needs a complete reboot. Take a look at the following aspects that help in this reboot.

Improving the quality of Education

When most parents force their kids to study engineering, management or medical, there’s something seriously wrong with the system. Yes! There’s a huge lack of creativity in our educational system. Besides a few top notch institutes, almost all the institutes want their students to fare well in the examination. Thus, ‘examination oriented studies’ are imparted to the students and the students too are quite satisfied with learning and studying the probable questions that may come in their upcoming examinations. This is creating a huge skills gap between the educational and the professional world. Instead of learning the soft skills or the basic communication skills, these students are pursuing education which is not education in its true sense. This can be evaded only when the quality and standards of education are improved.

Changing the syllabus

One of the major shortcomings of the Indian Education system is the syllabus that has not been updated for long. Most school, colleges and universities still follow the archaic syllabus which hardly has any practical or modern day application. Thus, instead of confining the books with theories practical applications should be incorporated whenever possible.

The syllabus should be made relevant enough for the present day. It should stress more on holistic learning than on examination based studies. The courses too should be made more diverse. These features will collectively make the educational system of our country, one of the best systems of the world.

Embracing technology

In order to reboot the Indian education system, we have to embrace technology. Instead of confining the curriculum of the students to books, emphasis should be made on incorporating technical modes. For instance, audio visual methods of teaching turn out to be way better than the conventional method of cramming books. Here, the students come closer to their subject and they also get to grasp a better insight on it.

What the Indian Education system needs today is sync with the developed countries, and it essentially doesn’t mean aping the west. Every education format needs to develop, better and take the good things for blending a complete system that works for the youth and young minds. That itself needs some governmental and school level changes, with clear on distinct goals.

Indian Education System

Indian Education System Needs a Reboot for Future