How to make your child happy

There are few things that can match the joy of seeing your child happy. The minds of little ones aren’t littered with materialistic needs, unless you have pampered your kid overly, and even the smallest things can bring the ultimate smile that will make your day. There are many minute things that can make your child immensely contented. Instead of wondering how to make your child happy, check these three things that are worth trying


Making your child learn or do a task can be difficult at first. However, once you figure out how to make your child understand the importance of the task, making them do it gets easier. Even after all the efforts, your child might not be very cheerful when doing the task. You do not have to deal with a sulking child every time you make them do the regular tasks that bore them.

You can give pleasure to the child simply by giving him/her a reward. For cleaning up the room, you can give your child some money that acts as a bonus to their pocket money. Similarly for good marks, you can take them out to the restaurant of their choice. So, by giving rewards you can make mundane tasks seem fruitful. But do not give rewards for tasks that they need to do. For example, do not reward them for doing their homework. This can ruin their habit and they can start wanting rewards for every task they perform.


Few children enjoy being cooped up indoors for too long. This is why going on a little trip can bring a smile to their faces. You do not have to plan a holiday to Disneyland to make your child happy. A week end trip to the beach or the hills can be enough. Again do not take your child to places that they do not enjoy visiting. Taking your child to visit your elderly relatives might not be a trip that they would enjoy. Think of fun and exciting places to take you child. Always ask your child where they want to go, before making the plan.


Most parents today are working parents. Thus they get to spend very little time with their children. This is why “how to make your child happy” can be answered simply by spending time with the child. Parent child bond is one that is getting weaker and weaker in the society. But since parents are the first friends that every child has, it is important for the parents to be present. Even if you are busy show your child that you can make time for them. Read them a bed-time story at night, play games with them on the weekends. These simple activities can make your child happier than you can imagine.

Thus, all you need to do is put in just the right amount of effort to make your child a happy child.

How to make your child happy

How To Make Your Child Happy – 3 Simple Ways